Summer of HPC 2015

Update: Kick-off week in Barcelona

The training week is over now and we have started to settle into our project sites. Its the perfect time to look back and share impressions of the first week of our Summer of HPC!

This year, the training week took place in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Most of the participants arrived there on Sunday, ready for some HPC adventures!

More info on the training week and timetable can be found on the training-week page.

Kick-off meeting in Barcelona

Kick-off week in Barcelona

Check out a video of the kick-off week in Barcelona!

Check out Jana’s post for more Kick-off week fun!

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Working at Jülich might seem an easy task for the inexperienced student. However, it is one of the most difficult challenges that one can face. It is impossible to keep track of how many students have tried, innocent as they

Welcome in Edinburgh


Hi guys, it is a time to write my first blog post. At the beginning I would like to mention Barcelona, because there was the start of our adventure. But only few words – there are enough posts about it. I

The Colours of Ostrava


Ostrava really showed us it’s true ‘colours’ during our second weekend when we attended the Czech Republic’s largest music festival: Colours of Ostrava. Only half an hour commute from IT4Innovations the colours was four days long, starting on Thursday, and finishing on Sunday.

Getting lost in Juelich

Tuesday evening of training week. A LONG walk to the top of a nearby hill.

A Summer of HPC started with a week in Barcelona. This week comprised of intensive training sessions in high performance computing tools and techniques. This was a good opportunity for people like me with no previous high performance computing knowledge

Binding with ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ Logo.

I have now arrived in the middle of the third week and I can say that I’m getting better at settling into the Irish reality that the Summer of HPC is giving me the chance to live. The initial work was mainly

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As a pleasant consequence of having a connecting flight in Munich, we flew over the Austrian Alps on the way to Cyprus. I was lucky enough to be sitting in a window seat. It was definitely something special to see

Oh, Ostrava!


After a thrilling week in Barcelona, during which we met so many new friends, Sergio, Laszlo, and I arrived at the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic last week. We were greeted by magnificent weather. Conveniently, the first Monday after our arrival

Arrival in Edinburgh

Ondrej and I in front of the irritating advertisement

Travelling from Barcelona to Edinburgh was a mess! Anna, Ondrej, and I will share an apartment in Edinburgh and we all also work at EPCC (Ondrej and I even work on different aspects of the same project), so it was

Enjoying Ireland with Fionn

Overview at the top of Wicklow National Park

The first week of training held in Barcelona had accustomed Ondrej and I too well, especially regarding the weather: upon our arrival here in Dublin, we immediately had the pleasure of experiencing the Irish climate (especially the rain!). However this didn’t discourage us and, with

First week in Budapest

Nodes of Budapest 2 HPC, at NIIF

After the training week in Barcelona, Jan Hreha and I finally arrived in Budapest, eager to start working on our projects. We arrived in the evening and were quite happy to realize that our on-site coordinator Barbara Toth had come


15 January 2015: Programme announced
01 February 2015: Projects are available for preview and possible clarifications.
20 February 2015: Application starts
08 March 2015: Application closes (extended on 6 March 2015)
15 March 2015: Application closes
22 March 2015: Recommendation deadline
01 April 2015: Student invitations and survey
03 April 2015: Student acceptance/reserves, rejects deadline
29 June 2015: Training week starts
06 July 2015: Participants start with projects at sites
21 July 2015: Week 3 Plan submitted
25 August 2015: Final Report submitted
29 August 2015: Presentations
31 August 2015: Programme ends
01 October 2015:Awards Ceremony
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